01.01.2018 - RSC Services launched

We are glad to announce that starting from 1st of January 2018 Baltic Regional Security Coordinator (RSC) is operational with all five services on regional level

(Improved Individual Grid Model/ Common Grid Model Delivery, Coordinated Security Analyses, Coordinated Capacity Calculation, Short and Medium Term Adequacy and Outage Planning Coordination), providing support for Baltic TSO-s in everyday operation. Baltic TSOs are actively contributing to the further development of services. 

Goals for this year is to enhance the performance and quality of provided services on regional level, based on feedback from Baltic TSOs, in order to have maximum added value for Baltic region. Baltic RSC sees the need to develop further communication with other RSCs in context of RSC/RSC coordination to have full overview of all the borders and areas affecting the region. Additionally Baltic RSC will take actively part in ENTSO-E RSC development processes to enhance the positive impact of RSC services for all of the TSOs in Europe.

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