23.08.2017 - Baltic RSC nominated by all Baltic TSO-s as Merging and Alignment agent

Baltic RSC is one of the very first Regional Security Coordinator to be officially nominated as Merging and Alignment agent:
  • The purpose for Merging agent(s) is to create Common Grid Model
  • The purpose for Alignment agent(s) is to prepare common scenarios

The goal is to have CGM for all of Europe for all planning time horizons. To create the CGM first each TSO needs to create their Individual Grid Model, for time-horizons that are covered by electricity markets TSO-s can take the variable data such as HVDC flows, Consumption and Production from market results, but for other time-horizons there is need for common aligned forecast of variable data, thus the Alignment agent will be responsible to create one based on TSO-s input.
The Merging agent takes all presented Individual Grid Models(s) and merges them together  which will be input for capacity calculation, outage planning and security analyses, both at TSO-s and RSC-s.

Obligation for all ENTSO-E TSO-s to nominate an Agent is derived from Common Grid Model Methodology, Regulation 2016/1719 and Regulation 2015/1222.

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